For irregularly shaped items

Cantilever racking is ideal for loads that require no obstruction at the pick face, so that bulky and awkwardly sized or shaped products can be safely stored and accessed.

This type of racking allows you to use your warehouse space more efficiently – you do not need to waste horizontal space and awkward posts and columns obstructing storage areas.

Items best suited to such a system include:

  • furniture,

  • building materials,

  • piping,

  • rolls,

  • appliances and flooring.

In essence, if you have irregularly shaped items then cantilever racking is the ideal choice for you.  You can fit this racking systems to your facility by adjusting the shelf height, ensuring that the maximum amount of vertical storage space is maintained.

Moreover, the support arms can vary in depth and capacity depending on the type of load.  Open rows allow, not only secure load, but also easy access – safety, flexibility and selectively are all maintained.


Easy storage and access to bars, rounds, coils, angels, channels, lumber and more.Ideal for furniture, steel bars and other long items. Maximises your warehouse space with shelf flexibility, and our superior shelf designs incorporate real-wood “point load” carrying capacity. Smaller versions are available too, such as for tool and maintenance requirements or raw stock inventory for workshops, and they can incorporate solid decking.

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