Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floor designed installed and supplied by Cleary Installations
Mezzanine Floor designed supplied and installed by Cleary Installations Industrial & Retail Storage Solutions Ireland

CE Certification:

All Mezzanine Floors supplied by Cleary Installations Ltd are CE Certified to EN1090: The CE Code EN1090CE relates to the manufacture of Structural Steelwork. The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) requires that all Structural Steelwork products carry a legitimate CE Marking. Any companies operating within the structural steel manufacturing market are legally required to be EN 1090 certified. This provides recognition that the business providing the product is a competent provider of welded structural steel products.

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Industrial & Commercial Mezzanine Floors - CE Certified


Need extra floor space? Double your usable floor space with a Mezzanine Floor.

A Mezzanine floor is a  cost-effective solutions that can double the usable floor area in your factory or distribution centre. Safe and secure, it provides access to an overhead work area without interrupting ground level workflow.

They are easily integrated with stairs, handrails, conveyors, pallet gates and other lifting and loading devices. Low-cost, medium-duty floors can be designed using standard pallet racking components. In heavy-duty applications, structural columns are combined with beam sections which provide the necessary floor span and load carrying capability.

We can design the floor to increase the capacity of your existing facility, which can negate the need to move premises and bear associated relocation costs.

Vincent Prior B.Sc(Eng), Dip(Eng), M.I.E.I

Vincent Prior B.Sc(Eng), Dip(Eng), M.I.E.I

Technical Director

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