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Adjustable Pallet Racking Systems Dublin

Pallet shelving systems are designed to store pallets that are usually accessed via forklift trucks or picking cranes. Dublin based Cleary Installations  can design, supply and install pallet racking systems that meet the needs of your commercial environment.

We are experienced in fulfilling requirements and fitting pallet racking systems to a high standard for a variety of businesses across Dublin and Ireland nationwide. Using our in-house AutoCAD design capabilities, we can ensure the full utilisation of your available storage space in your premises.


Pallet Racking Systems

It is important that you determine the best system to maximise the space of your installation.

Your choice of pallet racking will be determined by the quantity and size of pallets in combination with the level of access required. You will need to consider how your products are stored; for example, are your products stored on a long term basis or do you need to operate a first in last out system?

There are various racking systems available including narrow aisle pallet racking, pallet live storage, push back pallet racking, adjustable pallet racking, carton live storage pallet racking, vertical arm cantilever pallet racking and many more. Racking is the lowest cost pallet racking solution and is ideal where flexibility, access, and speed of operation are the main objectives. By storing pallets single-deep, operators are able to get to any pallet at any time, without needing to shuffle stock around.

Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR) is one of the most common forms of pallet racking. It is the most versatile form of pallet racking, can accommodate any type of pallet and is designed to be picked up for movement by any counterbalance or reach truck.

The different selection of beam designs means that APR pallet racking can accommodate a variety of pallet weights and loads.

If you use pallets that are non-standard or you have drums, reels of cable, rolls of carpets or other non-standard loads, APR can be designed to suit, with a full range of accessories to satisfy all requirements.

Cleary Installations truly care that you are making the most of your space as well as your budget. We will work with you to design a system that is efficient, whilst meeting the needs of your business.

We will design the right pallet racking solution for your specific requirements and will advise you on safety features, rack protection, fork truck requirements and anti-collapse mesh.

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