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Benefits of Using Cantilever Racks

Here at Cleary Installations, Dublin, Ireland we know that in any warehouse, efficiency is king. The faster, safer and simpler your warehouse operates the better. When first starting out, you may not need more efficient racking systems. But, as your inventory and demand grows, you may find yourself eyeing a cantilever rack system. Cantilever racks, on their own, or in conjunction with other warehouse storage systems, free up space and help your warehouse take efficiency to the next level.

Increased Use of the Space

Pipes, tapestries or pieces of wood can take up space when they are stored on the floor. A cantilever rack helps you store these items in bulk in organized rows – freeing up a tremendous amount of floor space. They are designed for maximum height and volume – and you can store your products just as quickly as you can retrieve them. If you have a smaller warehouse space that needs to fit more inventory, these racks make it possible.


The law requires you to provide your employees with a safe work environment. Cluttered warehouse spaces and floors are not safe and lead to forklift crashes, slips and falls, and more. Cantilever racks increase the safety of your warehouse. Because these racks are designed from the ground up, they can be reinforced to hold your load while simultaneously preventing trip hazards on the warehouse floor.


When you hire an expert to build your cantilever rack system, you will receive one that is built with all compliance and permit concerns in mind. You may be limited by height and width and you are likely to need permits for your pallet and cantilever rack systems. Also, if required, you may need to meet seismic requirements.

Cost Efficient

Cantilever rack systems are meant to save your business money. The cost of designing, installing and using these racks is significantly less than other warehouse storage solutions. Also, you will be able to store more inventory after installing them – which increases your revenue potential.

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