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The advantages of using shelving systems in industrial units

In this article we will briefly discuss the advantages of using cantilever racking in your business warehouse.

Cantilever racks are used for storing long, awkward loads that cannot be stored on traditional racking. Storage for long loads, such as timber, trusses, pipes or plywood, is a tricky business. There are not many available options to keep those kinds of items secure and accessible. The best options are floor stacking or cantilever racking.

Floor stacking takes up a significant footprint. You can only stack it so high so before you know it, you have piles littering your storage space yet no way to take advantage of the height of your warehouse or facility. Floor stacking is the lower cost option and requires less of an initial capital investment. But is the wasted space worth the saved money?

Cantilever racking uses uprights secured into strong bases with arms and braces to store long load items. The arms extend from the braces forming open shelves that can accommodate large, bulky, long or oddly-shaped loads that are otherwise difficult to store.  This allows you to make use of all three dimensions of the available storage space by being able to stack long loads up to the ceiling or as high as your material handling equipment can safely maneuver them.

Advantages of using cantilever racking

Cantilever racking is rather easy to install and reconfigure. With the absence of actual shelves, adjusting the height and angle of the arms is simple and quick to do. Such flexibility in the shelving allows you to store a wide variety of loads. The configuration reduces handling time for long loads, increasing the productivity of your warehouse staff through making the stock more accessible.  Additional arms can be purchased, varying the length, and allowing added storage possibilities for loads of all sizes and shapes.

Cleary Installations are experts in Cantilever Racking. We supply Dublin and Ireland nationwide.

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