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Cantilever Racking Supplier Dublin

If you want a cost effective and efficient alternative to conventional lighter weight storage solutions, look no further than cantilever racking from Cleary Installations based in Dublin, Ireland. 

Designed for the safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads, our cantilever and bar racks are ideal for horizontal storage of timber or metal.

Due to the flexibility of its bolted adjustable arms, a wide variety of different sized products can be stored safely and securely on one of our cantilever racks. 

An effective solution to the problem of where to store heavy and difficult items, our cantilever racks can be designed to safely support in excess of 30 tonnes per upright.

The robust design and durability of our steel cantilever racks provides reliable storage solutions for heavy applications and demanding environments.

We can provide both large industrial storage systems and smaller commercial orders on a cost effective and frequent basis.

Whatever your cantilever and bar rack requirements, we have the capability, experience and dedicated workforce needed to provide you with the very best service.

Cantilever Racking is a type of warehouse storage system consisting of the vertical column, the base, the arms, and the horizontal and/or cross bracing. Suitable for long and heavy products and often used in timber yards, woodworking shops, and plumbing supply warehouses. They are fully adjustable and support single or double sided racking.

It is specifically designed to store long loads such as beams, profiles, pipes and timber. This rack enables loads to be handled by using lifting systems such as lift trucks, mobile cranes, stacker cranes, etc. These systems are chosen depending on the load to be stored (mainly weight and dimensions) or the height of the rack itself.

The cantilever racking system consists of columns with a vertical beam and one or two horizontal beams at the base to provide stability. A series of arms are attached on which the load is placed. These columns are made of hot-rolled metal beams at variable heights enabling to be fitted. Moreover, its design allows the loads to be fitted on one side of the structure only, or on both sides.


  • Easy-to-assemble. The parts are designed to allow the shelves to be assembled quickly and easily.
  • Structure of great simplicity and strength.
  • All the elements involved fit together easily and allow excellent mobility.

Based in Dublin, Ireland we provide our high quality storage equipment and services to commercial and industrial customers from across Dublin and Ireland.

As one of Dublin’s leading storage and workplace equipment specialists, we are confident that we will be able to provide you with the ultimate solution, no matter how challenging the requirements.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help create more space in your commercial or industrial property.

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