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Drive In Pallet Racking Ireland

If you need to store large quantities of products but maximise the use of your available space, then Cleary Installations can supply drive in pallet racking which is the ideal solution. Especially suitable for cold-store environments, our specialist racking makes storage quick and simple and allows total control over storage and retrieval operations.

At Cleary Installations, we specialise in supplying both new and used pallet racking to suit the needs of any warehouse, factory or commercial storage facility across Dublin or Ireland nationwide. So call us today on 087 2061948  to discuss your drive in pallet racking requirements.

Our drive in pallet racking is absolutely ideal when space is at a premium or high-density storage is needed. Making loading and retrieval of pallets quick and simple but also allowing the prevention of goods becoming damaged, drive in pallet racking is a very effective way of making the most optimal use of any storage space. 

By eliminating lanes and aisles, our ddrive in pallet racking makes it easily possible to maximise cubic space and enable more pallets to be stored per cubic metre than any other storage system on the market today. With stock rotation limited, this system is best suited for the storage of bulk goods of the same type or seasonal goods.

Complete control over storage and retrieval operations

While offering maximum profitability of the available storage space, our drive in pallet racking allows for total control over all storage and retrieval operations. There are two operating systems available; drive in and drive through. The drive in system, with only one access aisle, means that the first pallet deposited will be the last to be extracted. Our racking system allows for goods to be accessed from both sides of the racking and means the first pallet to be inserted is also the first to be extracted. 

Less risk of damaged goods

Similar to block stacking, but with pallets being stored on cantilevered rails running throughout the racking system, our drive in pallet racking also reduces the risk of goods becoming damaged during storage. Not only is the loading and retrieval of pallets easier and quicker, but also each pallet being supported and therefore not having other stock sitting directly on top of it means that your goods will remain in top condition throughout.

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