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Drive In Pallet Racking Ireland

When you absolutely have to store high volumes of goods in a limited amount of warehouse space, drive in pallet racking will be amongst the best options available to you. Rather than providing 100 percent accessibility to each pallet, each will be stored in a tightly packed configuration. The first pallet which is put in position will be the last one which can be removed when the time comes to ship or distribute its contents.

In some settings you can arrange drive-in pallet racking to offer access on both sides of a given block, but this is not always necessary. This type of racking is used across a number of different industries, usually catering to businesses for which optimal use of every cubic meter of storage space is more important than the instant accessibility of goods.


From food companies operating cold storage warehouses to bulk suppliers of seasonally-specific consumer products, there are a lot of popular applications for drive in racking. The lowest level of pallets is typically stacked on the floor of the warehouse, with subsequent levels supported by railings. This keeps the goods separated and easily withstands the weight of the pallets, while ensuring overall structural simplicity for each rack.


Advantages of Drive In Pallet Racking

High Volume of Storage
There are lots of ways to tweak the usable volume of a warehouse, such as through the use of very narrow aisle pallet racking which also helps to speed up order picking. But if the stored goods are going to remain static and untouched for long periods, drive in pallet racking will be a much better investment. Following the first in, last our principle does create some restrictions, but they are easily justified thanks to the high densities which can be achieved.
Long term stocking of goods
Businesses which stock up on goods over an extended period and then ship them out in one flurry during a particular period of the year will be in the best position to leverage drive in pallet racking to their advantage.
Strong & smooth rails
The rails on which the upper levels of pallets sit are smooth as well as strong, which make it simpler to manoeuvre them into position without any unexpected snaring. This limits the likelihood of goods suffering any damage, both during storage and as they are being shifted by forklift.
Improve efficiency
The fact that forklifts can still be used to move pallets in a drive-in pallet racking setup is what gives it its name in the first place. Furthermore, the use of color-coded pallets means that even if accessibility is limited, it is still easy to identify and control the order in which goods are arranged, which has obvious strategic advantages during peak periods of activity.
How much does it cost for Drive In Pallet Racking?
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