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Gondola Display Retail Shelves Ireland

Gondola shelving is the key to effective merchandising

You can immediately differentiate your retail shop from those of your competitors with a reasonable investment in gondola shelving.  Gondola shelves determine the position and prominence of your most important products, making it easier to catch the attention of your customers.

They key to remember is space management and planning.  More can be done with less when you understand the two basic types of gondola shelving that are available and how to combine display units from both categories to create new layouts and presentations.

Double sided gondola shelving, also known as “aisle shelving” runs vertically through the centre space of your floor plan and holds products in shelves extending from either side.  This is why it is also called “aisle shelving” because it creates aisles between the display units.  Grocery stores depend on this type of shelving more than any other, because this is where they store the majority of their products.

Single sided shelving is also known as “wall shelving” due to the fact that it is used to convert otherwise unused wall space into merchandising space.  However, this type of shelving is also used to create end caps.  If you are the owner of a small, privately held shop, using wall shelving for end cap displays can often double your merchandising power by placing products immediately within view of the front door.

Again, planning your layout is key to getting a return on investment in gondola shelving. Cleary Installations will help you customise any and all of the units you order today to fit your exact space management needs.

New & Used Gondola Display Shelves & Shelving

Display shelving helps you merchandise with artistic flair by making it possible to put your best products in the most prominent positions. If you own a small shop  competing with larger corporate retail chains, you can especially benefit from investing in display gondola shelves as it will help your facility look more professional when you can make the most of your existing space and take the time to plan your merchandising strategically.

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