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Benefits of Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving

To be at your most efficient and therefore profitable, you need retail shelving (gondola shelving, end caps and other fixtures) in your retail shop that is cost-effective, endlessly customisable, and gives you and your customers easy access to goods, both for placement on and removal from shelves for display and purchase.

Longspan shelving is similar, but it makes the most of your warehouse or other storage facility’s space; it is cost-effective,  and gives you easy access to shelving, for goods’ placement and removal.

What is heavy-duty longspan shelving?

Heavy-duty longspan shelving  supplied by Dublin based Cleary Installations stores long, heavy, and/or bulky items, and is used for apparel and other retail goods’ storage.

Advantages of heavy-duty longspan shelving:

  • It’s strong but lightweight

Longspan retail shelving is made of tensile, 24-gauge steel and is lightweight but strong; this makes shelving systems easier to move without sacrificing strength. It can typically hold up to 2400 pounds per shelf and has a baked enamel finish so that the chances of chipping, rust, or other types of decay/wear are minimized.

  • It’s easily changeable and height adjustable

Most heavy-duty longspan shelving systems don’t use bolts so that they can be adjusted for height quickly and easily. Instead, they use pins or rivets. This warehouse retail shelving can be customized to fit any storage needs.

  • It’s versatile and can hold merchandise of just about any size

Longspan shelving can hold a variety of parts and merchandise, from tiny pieces to the heaviest boxes. Customize for the size and weight of products at will, for cost-effective, flexible, infinitely reusable storage capability.

  • It lets you “go vertical”

Standardized construction means that you can put together multitiered storage, again to make the most efficient use of space.

  • It opens up extended spans of shelf space because it utilizes fewer posts

This shelving gives you high-capacity storage yet uses fewer posts. It can span up to eight clear (not bisected by posts) feet in most systems, allowing free access to goods. Many systems allow you to achieve a between-shelf height of up to 21 inches with no splicing needed, and you can utilize mezzanine applications for double the storage space.

  • You can choose from a variety of decking materials

Choose from wood, mesh, melamine, or steel decking materials, depending on need.

  • It’s easy to clean when made of steel

Longspan shelving that’s made of steel is easy to clean and sanitize, thus ensuring the health and safety of consumers – and again, it is a cost-effective way to store goods without having to replace shelving that can’t be cleaned properly.

  • You can utilise walkways in your system if necessary for easy access

Depending on load requirements, gratings, perforated steel panels, or wooden walkways can be provided as needed.

  • You can customise shelving with other components to move goods easily

You can integrate longspan retail shelving with existing equipment that carries goods to various tiers, such as chutes that will move materials using gravity, or with freight lifts or vertical reciprocating conveyors.

  • You can use longspan shelving as as a stand-alone system or integrate it with pallet racking applications as needed

You can use the longspan retail shelving with lower-level pallet racking applications, as a stand-alone system, or for high and low rise applications for order picking.

Versatile, durable, and endlessly reusable, longspan shelving is a necessary and integral part of warehouse or high-volume storage shelving. Like its retail shop “cousin” gondola shelving (also supplied by Cleary Installations on our sister website: Shop, you can set up longspan shelving in just about any configuration necessary, including multi-tier. It gives you easy access to goods even as it lets you handle and store them most efficiently, saving you both time and money.

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