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Mezzanine Floors Dublin & Ireland nationwide

Cleary Installations have supplied numerous mezzanine floors throughout Dublin and Ireland nationwide over the years. We are one of Ireland’s leading designers and manufacturers of high quality mezzanine flooring and mezzanine floor ancillaries. 

Mezzanine Floors are the cornerstone of our business, but we also have a great range of range of storage solutions including Pallet Racking, Drive-In & Cantilever Racking and shelving systems which are capable of handling pallets, trays, bins, cartons, containers or even wire mesh boxes.

We are Dublin based and ideally placed to service all businesses across Dublin and Ireland nationwide. If your business is based in a factory, industrial warehouse, office or retail trade premises you can be assured that we will complete your installation efficiently and to a high standard. 

Cleary Installations are first choice and can offer bespoke designs for all mezzanine floor and raised storage platforms. We have installed Mezzanine Floors with office installations, storage and retail applications to numerous customers throughout Dublin and Ireland and nationwide  over the years. We have also designed and installed mezzanine flooring, general access staircase on numerous projects throughout Ireland. 

The installation of a mezzanine floors is an ideal solution for those wishing to maximise the space available by taking advantage of the height of the building.

Mezzanine Floors are a cost-effective solutions that can double the usable floor area in your factory or distribution centre. Safe and secure, it provides access to an overhead work area without interrupting ground level workflow.

Mezzanine Floors are easily integrated with stairs, handrails, conveyors, pallet gates and other lifting and loading devices. Low-cost, medium-duty floors can be designed using standard pallet racking components. In heavy-duty applications, structural columns are combined with beam sections which provide the necessary floor span and load carrying capability.

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