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Whatever type or size of pallet, whatever load capacity you need, whatever product you are looking to store – Cleary Installations  have the racking to suit you!
From one run of pallet racking, to a full dynamic automated warehouse; from hand picking to 10 tonne heavy duty racks and mobile pallet racking ideal for cold stores. The right racking system will help you increase capacity, improve operating efficiency and create more picking locations.

Pallet racking can be set up in a variety of ways, depending on your operational needs, the size of your facility, your handling equipment and the required pallet load.

We are one of the largest pallet racking suppliers in Dublin and have extensive experience of designing and installing the following types of pallet racking:

  • Adjustable Pallet racking used in wide aisles where counterbalance and reach trucks operate.
  • Cantilever pallet racking is designed especially for the safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads, such as steel bars, pipes, tubes, packs of timber, furniture and even white goods. The products are stored horizontally on the arms and handled either manually or by using forklift trucks or cranes.
  • Drive-in pallet racking is designed for the storage of homogenous products. It accommodates a large number of pallets for each SKU.

Cleary Installations prides itself on being one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of Pallet Racking Systems.  Whether you are expanding or relocating your business, we can help in making the transition seamless by designing a quality storage solution tailored to your needs, supported by first class customer service.

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