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Cleary Installations are currently offering amazing value for money for part bins & louvre panels.  

Our selection of Louvre Panels and Part Bins provide a fantastic solution to a variety of home and business storage problems.

It is a simple storage solution which has many valuable applications. From pick and part bins ideal for storing small, technical parts to larger sized bins suitable for bulkier items, they provide a space saving solution that offers straightforward and immediate access to the parts you need. By mounting these bins on a Louvre panel, you will save both space and time because it allows you to easily manage all the parts you require for the task at hand. The difficulties of component picking when dealing with numerous parts or small, intricate components are sure to be greatly reduced by the use of Louvre Panels and pick bins.

Need to store small items securely? Maybe you have staff who need to access items quickly in the warehouse? The part bins and louvre panel product range, is perfect for warehouse storage, classroom storage, personal storage and many other areas.   They are  perfect for speedy stock pick ups and are very durable for the harshest industrial settings. Louvre Panels and the part bins  really offer the ideal solution for storing small parts and components using all of the space available in the workplace, workshop or garage.

Cleary Installations based in Dublin are currently offering amazing value on our range of louvre panels and part bins. Click here to view more. 

The louvre panel system is designed to support plastic storage bins on a wall or as a free standing mobile unit. Made from cold rolled mild steel, the versatility of the louvre panel is one of its greatest features. It can be free standing, mobile, wall or bench mounted to suit any environment. The louvre system is made up of louvered panels, storage bins, and various accessories for storing a vast array of small parts and accessories, making it a suitable accessory that can be tailored to meet an array of product and storage needs.

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