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Workplace Lockers Dublin Ireland

Dublin based Cleary Installations offer high quality workplace lockers which are suitable for a multitude of storage applications.

Complement your premises whilst giving employees a place to store their belongings with our comprehensive range of workplace locker storage solutions.  With storage systems for all lines of work, choose which suits your workplace needs best. 

A hanging space within a locker is valued highly. Staff such as construction workers would appreciate having somewhere to neatly store jackets etc. We offer a range of workplace lockers with two separate compartments, one of which is used for clean clothes – perhaps casual wear and the other for workwear. 

Our workplace locker range is extensive, each offering a unique solution to problems that commonly occur in environments such as hospitals, emergency services, schools, factories and offices.

Workplace Lockers are crucial in different settings. The use of lockers has increased considerably over time. Today, technology has become so advanced that people now depend on different electronic gadgets like tablets, computers, and mobile phones to carry out different tasks. The increased use of these gadgets, on the other hand, has made lockers quite indispensable even in the working environments. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the employers to buy workplace lockers for their employees so they can store their belonging when at work. With these options in the workplace, employees are able to keep their belongings safely without cluttering, and this helps in increasing their productivity.  

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